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The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog highlights wedding inspiration and ideas for living a love-minded and connected lifestyle as a couple. 


The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog, inspired by a love-minded lifestyle, is a destination for couples dating, engaged or married. Here, we share inspiration and insights on weddings, living life together through a lens of love, wellness and intention. The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog is authored by Lindsey Sachs, Owner and Wedding Planner for COLLECTIVE/by Sachs. To share your blog ideas or to collaborate on an upcoming post, contact Lindsey

Five Big Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing a Wedding Venue

We understand those butterflies you get when you step into a wedding venue and realize, “this is the one!” Before signing on the dotted line and confirming your venue contract, avoid these five mistakes couples make when choosing a wedding venue in our latest collaboration with Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Can a Bridesmaid Change Her Dress During the Reception?

We all remember the moment Meghan Markle changed into a gorgeous halter gown for her wedding reception. More brides are donning two wedding dresses, but is the same acceptable for bridesmaids? Read our thoughts in Martha Stewart Weddings, “Can a bridesmaid change her dress during the reception?”

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5 Reasons Why Two Maids of Honor Are Better Than One

Tradition may suggest assigning one Maid or Matron of Honor, but guess what? Tradition is meant only to be a guide and shouldn’t discourage you from thinking creatively about every aspect of your wedding including how many Maids of Honor to have.

It’s common and completely acceptable to select two Maids of Honor. Read our latest collaboration with Martha Stewart Weddings “5 Reasons Why Two Maids of Honor are Better Than One.”

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6 Things You Should Know Before Planning an Elopement

COLLECTIVE/by Sachs supports couples by designing and planning their authentic wedding day no matter the guest count. We've planned and designed weddings of 350+ and wedding parties of two. Considering an elopement yourself? We caught up with Martha Stewart Weddings to discuss "6 Things You Should Know Before Planning an Elopement.

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How Real Brides Managed Wedding Planning Conflict with Their Future In-Laws

It’s true. Conflict over wedding planning is common within families - you’re not alone! No matter the root of the conflict, there are practical ways to approach your planning to combat conflict and yes, still enjoy your wedding planning journey.

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