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7 Times It's OK to Turn Down Being a Bridesmaid

When asked to be a bridesmaid, your heart wants to says YES (totally and absolutely without a doubt!), but your head may hesitate. After the initial excitement sets in, it’s important to take time to consider if you’re truly able to fulfil the bridesmaid role before committing. Why?

Being a bridesmaid comes with a traditionally defined set of expectations including active involvement, time, and money. Bridesmaids support the bride by giving opinions, listening when the bride needs to talk through wedding planning triumphs and complications, attending dress appointments and fittings, planning pre-wedding celebrations and of course, serving as a cherished member of the bride’s tribe on her wedding day.

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It’s only fair to the bride to assess your circumstances and determine if you’ll be equipped to manage the role of a bridesmaid offering both emotional support as well as in-person support when she needs you. If you’re unable to fulfill the role, it’s in everyone’s best interest to be honest and avoid disappointing the bride down the line during her coveted wedding experience.

We connected with Jenn Sinrich for Wedding Wire to discuss "7 Times It's Ok to Turn Down Being a Bridesmaid." Read on for the 7 times it's ok to say no. 

  1. You and the bride are no longer close. 
  2. You're seriously strapped for cash. 
  3. You have prior commitments. 
  4. You know the bride will be extremely difficult. 
  5. You just landed your dream job. 
  6. You've had a recent major life event. 
  7. You're pregnant or planning to start a family. 

If any of these scenarios relate to you, be sure to communicate to the bride that your love and support for her and her marriage doesn’t change as a result of turning down her invitation. And when delivering your message, be honest and focus on what you still can do to support her.