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8 Wedding Planning Self Care Tips For The Conscious Bride

What most wedding planning checklists don't include is self care, yet we argue it's an important important force in the wedding planning equation. 

Self care is any activity we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. Self care, is an important aspect in life aside from wedding planning, but can be especially impactful during this extra busy and emotional time your life.

Remember that your partner and guests deserve your best come wedding day so by feeling like the best version of yourself, you'll be primed to soak in the sights, the sounds, and the many precious moments of your wedding day, all without regret. 

So HOW do you incorporate self care? You might say you're too busy, but we have a plan for you! Self care doesn't need to take hours. Read on for simple ways you can find time for self care and relish in the benefits. It's often a matter of replacing something you're already doing in favor of self care. Your future married self will truly thank you! 

Photo by Brandon Werth

Photo by Brandon Werth

1. A New Version of Social Time 

It's easy to get stuck in the rut of meeting for apps + happy hour, or a long boozy brunch to catch up with friends. Because you keep missing your workouts, challenge yourself to replace calorie-laden social time with health and wellness activities. Find a yoga class you can attend with a friend on a regular basis, try a new local hike, walk and talk - anything that will boost those happy endorphins while making positive progress towards your fitness goals. Bonus? You'll likely save money and realize stronger body confidence. 

2. Make It A Date

Chris, my husband and I, often plan Friday night gym dates where we hit the elliptical machine side-by-side and catch up on the week. Wedding planning can be part of this discussion, or you can leave that topic off the table. Making a wellness date with your partner (in lieu of dinner+drinks or a movie night) can bring you closer together and help you reach your personal fitness goals at the same time. 

3. Start or End Your Day with a Simple Self Care Routine  

Just 15 minutes of self-care makes a positive impact. Allow 15 minutes after you wake up to read your favorite magazine, journal, stretch, or sip your coffee without distraction. Or, if nighttime is better for you, allow 15 minutes before bed to read pages of an inspiring book and get ready for bed without rush. Dedicating this "safe time" helps you to establish an important priority moment for YOU within your day. 

During your self-care routine (morning or night), your phone should be in airplane mode. Remember that this time is dedicated to you sans distraction. 

4. Eat Well to Be Well 

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body. And, with everything you eat, you have a choice. Next time you visit the grocery store, pick-up a rainbow of vegetables, fruits, healthy snacks and food to prep healthy lunches and dinners for the week. With a little pre-planning before your grocery shopping trip, find a few simple recipes for the week that focus on meals you make. Knowing what goes into your meals by prepping and cooking yourself is both empowering and rewarding and will produce noticeable benefits in energy levels and mood. 

If time is too pressed to make it to the grocery story, look into delivery food services such as Hello Fresh, and Blue Apron that offer convenient step-by-step recipes and pre-selected and measured ingredients.

Photo by Brandon Werth 

Photo by Brandon Werth 

5. Stay Proactive with Your Wedding Day Timeline

This is not the time to be overzealous. When creating your wedding planning timeline, schedule realistic deadlines with the goal of wrapping up your wedding planning two weeks prior to the wedding. This ensures you're not left managing tasks at the last minute and free of extra stress or worry close to the wedding. Most importantly, you'll be able to sleep well without waking up in the middle of the night with to-do's running through your mind. 

Photo by Megan Newton

Photo by Megan Newton

6. Multi-Task with Self Care

Consider the morning minutes as you're getting ready for work. Rather than scrolling through emails on your phone while drying your hair (I've done this many times and it causes stress levels to rise before your day even begins), listen to a new episode from a favorite podcast. You'll start your day with a heightened perspective and get those brain cells charged for a productive day ahead.  

Or, have an important document to review for work? Print it out and take it to the treadmill or the trail. Walk on the treadmill or on the path while reading. You'll get in those extra steps while accomplishing work!   

7. Just Say No

For many of us, saying no is uncomfortable. When you feel the urge to say no, but don't follow through, you're making an unfair compromise to yourself. By saying no to that extra social activity, volunteer commitment, or side job, you're listening to your heart and prioritizing your self care. We don't often realize how many of these instances creep into our lives until we look at our schedule and say "I'm SO BUSY!" Be very mindful about what you say yes to and don't feel guilty saying no! 

8. Reimagine Your Meetings  

These days, it's not uncommon to meet on the golf course, over a run, or even for pedicures. Yesterday, I met with Whitney Milton Films for a business meeting while practicing self care at the same time. We met at the Woodhouse Day Spa in Denver to get a Spring pedicure and relax as the busy wedding season ramps up. Don't be afraid to challenge your next meeting and consider a new way of conducting the meeting that allows an opportunity for self care. You may end up generating brilliant ideas in the new environment!