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The Best Bridal Party Gifts for Your Entire Wedding Party

This is not about checking a box on your wedding to-do list, this is about showing your incredible appreciation to your nearest and dearest with the perfect wedding party gift.

By Lindsey Sachs

Photo by Megan Newton Photography

Photo by Megan Newton Photography

Couples often agree that one of the exciting aspects of wedding planning is shopping for their wedding party gifts. A life milestone such as your wedding offers a rare opportunity to give a meaningful gift that will have impact for years.

Wedding party gifts are traditionally given to the best man, groomsmen, maid or matron of honor, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, ring bearer, and flower girl. Timing for when to give your gift can also vary. Some couples invest in their wedding party gifts when popping the question to friends/family asking if they’ll accept a specific role in the wedding - ie. “will you be my bridesmaid?” whereas others will give their wedding party gifts closer to the wedding at the rehearsal dinner or even the morning of the wedding.

Because of the significance of this gift and the desire to ensure money is well spent on a gift their wedding party will actually use, it’s no surprise many couples carefully consider the options.

Here are the top 5 tips we share with our COLLECTIVE/Couples for how to select the best wedding party gifts and considerations for making your final selection.

1. Customize It

It’s not often you get a gift tailored to you; it’s a sure fire way to make a positive impression for going the extra mile. Your wedding party will appreciate your effort in personalizing the gift with their initials, or monogram (and almost guarantees they’ll actually use your gift).

Plus, with dedicated online sites like Groovy Guy Gifts and Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique customization is s-i-m-p-l-e with the click of a button. Frequent promotions will also score you free personalization + free shipping and, there are no order minimums!

2. Make it Personal

Decanter Groomsmen Gift

Rather than going the “one-size-fits-all” approach, personalize your gifts to align with the individual’s interests and personal style. While this may seem like more work, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on their presence in your life and consider a gift that has specific meaning to your relationship. ie. Maybe you and your groomsmen Mark had an epic back country ski experience that left you stranded in the tenth mountain division for an extra night. You passed the time sipping on local Colorado whiskey and unforgettable conversation. The Endless Banter Decanter monogrammed with your buddy’s initials would pay homage for your shared experience. And for another groomsmen, it may be more fitting to gift the Sit Down and Chill Out cooler for your bud who is a regular at sporting events.

Remember, there is no rule that wedding party gifts need to match.

3. Be Practical

With the time you’re investing in shopping for and contemplating the options, do consider the practical use of your gift. Can the gift be used on the day of the wedding and afterwards? This Stainless Steel Sipper can encourage your wedding party to stay hydrated on your wedding day and afterwards, this trusty bottle can accompany them at work and on-the-go. We also love this personalized Jet Set Weekender Tote to cart wedding day essentials. After the wedding, who doesn’t need a cute bag like this for farmers market runs, weekend getaways and more!

Bridesmaid Gift - Weekender Tote
Best Bridal Party Gift - Tote

4. Get Creative

Don’t consider yourself creative? Lucky you because a lot of the thinking has been done for you by sites like Groovy Guy Gifts and Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique that curate the best wedding day gift ideas for you to scroll through. Easily search by category to find pricing, photos and reviews. Both sites specialize in custom creative wedding party gifts at a variety of price points to meet your wedding budget.

5. Consider What You Would Want

One gage of a good gift is whether or not you would get excited about it. When considering your options and the factors above, think about how the gift would resonate with you if you received it. A gift that amps your stoke meter is likely to be a hit! Remember that your gift does not need to be expensive to be meaningful. It’s always the thought that counts.

No matter when you opt to give your gift, do plan ahead to allow proper time for customization and shipping. Plan 8-12 business days (not including Saturday or Sunday) for creation and shipping. Rush orders are possible, however waiting until the last minute will only cost you more.