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What to Do If You (or One of Your Wedding VIPs) Are Sick the Week of the Wedding

Photo by Westend61

Photo by Westend61

By Lindsey Sachs

Wedding season is in full swing as happy couples work through plan A, B and even a plan C to ensure their day is nothing short of magical. Planning a wedding parallel to the rigors of daily life can wear on our emotional and physical energy, opening the door to sickness as a result of a weakened immune system. 

We recommend keeping self care at the forefront during your wedding planning process. Arriving at your wedding week healthy, and feeling like the best version of yourself will allow you to fully soak in the many emotions and experiences coming your way. Stay proactive with your health and wellness to chase away all possibility of getting sick (says our hopeful selves). 

Reality is also just that, and an unwanted wedding guest is no doubt, sickness the week or day of your wedding. Knowing sickness is a real possibility, and despite all proactive efforts, it's best to be prepared.

From a Wedding Planner who always looks on the bright side, here’s our highly recommended advice for combating sickness yourself or, as a wedding VIP included in this week's Martha Stewart Weddings article by Jenn Sinrich: "What to Do if You (or one of your wedding VIPs) are sick the week of the wedding."

#1. Recognize Symptoms

Heading into wedding week, your body and mind will feel so many emotions - excitement, anxiety, stress, and nervousness. Take a moment early in the week to do a self-health check to monitor possible symptoms that could grow into sickness. The sooner you can recognize these symptoms, the sooner you can begin to treat them.  

#2. Stay Calm

Getting sick the week of the wedding, while not ideal, is a hurdle to face head on. You can’t worry about something you can’t change, so the best advice is to stay calm and focus on what you can do such as taking appropriate medicine, drinking plenty of liquids (water, tea, orange juice) and prioritizing sleep. 

#3. Rest

Adjust your wedding week schedule to focus on rest and recovery, removing all activities that keep you from gaining quality rest. Take an extra sick day at work, eliminate social plans (although that might be tough), and sleep in an extra hour in the morning. Focus first on getting good rest to improve your body’s immunity as quickly as possible.

#4. Positive Thinking

Don’t let your mind focus on the negative outcomes of being sick the week of the wedding. The sickness of a wedding day VIP can create unnecessary focus and attention away from the wedding as a result. The marriage is what you want to remember and not who was sick. The power of positive thinking goes a long way and while it’s natural to be concerned about not feeling your best, positive thoughts often translate into more positive results.

#5. Talk Openly in Advance

If you or a wedding day VIP becomes sick the week of the wedding, talk openly about the situation in advance and develop a game plan together. It’s best to be transparent about the situation so that you can coordinate an action plan together. With your wedding day VIPS in-the-know, you can offer support to one another, offer advice, and know that you’ll get through it together as a team.