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Can a Bridesmaid Change Her Dress During the Reception?

By Lindsey Sachs

We all remember the moment Meghan Markle changed into a gorgeous halter gown for her wedding reception. More brides are donning two wedding dresses on their wedding day because, how often will you have the opportunity to wear two fabulous looks? Besides, it can be hard to pick just one dress!

Photo by Cassie Rosch Photography

Photo by Cassie Rosch Photography

While this trend is popular and accepted for brides, there’s a growing sense that bridesmaids, too, will follow suit. Why? If they’re being honest, bridesmaids prefer to change out of their formal bridesmaids attire in favor of something more comfortable, or more suited to their personal style. While we haven’t seen this happen often, we anticipate brides running into this situation as weddings continue to adapt to new customs and traditions.

To help you understand where your bridesmaids are coming from, we discussed reasons why your bridesmaids may ask you to change her dress during the reception with Martha Stewart Weddings in “Can a bridesmaid change her dress during the reception?” by Jenn Sinrich.

Etiquette-wise, I feel it’s important for a bridesmaid to respect the wishes of the bride. The day is designed by and for the bride, ensuring she can experience her dream wedding day. Brides, if your desire is for your bridesmaids to remain uniform and recognizable throughout the entire wedding experience let your bride tribe know your preference in advance. And bridesmaids, understanding that your bridesmaid dress may be uncomfortable, it is just one day. Remember that the quality of the experience doesn’t rest in what you’re wearing, but in how you’re supporting and being present with the bride.

Brides, if your bridesmaid asks your permission to change, remember not to take this question too personally because the root cause could be related to issues of self-confidence, appearance, etc. in the bridesmaid dress. Through your conversation, take time to listen and respect each other’s opinions. Be truthful in your response whether you’re ok with your bridesmaid changing dresses, or not, and be sure to come to a positive understanding well before your wedding day.