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Wedding White, Decoded: The Differences Between Each Popular Wedding Dress Shade

By Lindsey Sachs 

Our latest collaboration for Martha Stewart Weddings "Wedding White, Decoded: The Differences Between Each Popular Wedding Dress Shade" by Jenn Sinrich, highlights the popular shades to consider when selecting the right hue for you. 

Photo by Cody Mann and Melissa Toms Photography 

Photo by Cody Mann and Melissa Toms Photography 

We know that your wedding dress speaks volumes as it’s known to be the gown of your lifetime. Serving as a powerful symbol of your individuality and personal style, your gown later becomes a family heirloom that honors the day you committed to your soul mate in marriage. It's no wonder you may be worried about finding "the one."

With various silhouettes to choose from - short to long, strapless to sleeves, you not only have the decision of style to make, but also color. Wedding dresses are designed in a palette of hues from stark white to alabaster, that each qualify as "wedding white." As you encounter these options, you may be confused as to which shade is right for you. 

While stark white is commonly revered as the cultural color of choice for a wedding dress, it’s not your only choice. In our article, we touch on the most popular shades of “wedding white” providing you with options to coincide with your personal style, coordinate seamlessly with your skin tone, and help you achieve the overall appearance and vibe you dream of for your wedding day.

Before choosing a wedding dress color, it’s important to understand how your color choice impacts your wedding photography. Because photos are one of the only tangible memories of the day, many photographers recommend selecting a warmer hue as dresses tend to photograph much more white in photographs.

We hope you enjoy the process of wedding dress shopping and who knows, you might end up with a dress you never expected, but that's perfectly suited to you!