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How Real Brides Managed Wedding Planning Conflict with Their Future In-Laws

By Lindsey Sachs 

Why is conflict over wedding planning so common within the close family? Discover "How Real Brides Managed Wedding Planning Conflict with Their Future In-Laws" in our collaboration with Martha Stewart Weddings by Jenn Sinrich. 

Photo by Megan Newton Photography 

Photo by Megan Newton Photography 

Our take? Conflict over wedding planning is nearly inevitable within families. A wedding is an occasion that close family members get SO excited about, to the point they can project their opinions and judgement too quickly, upsetting (and annoying) the couple.

In some families, close family members have committed to paying for all or a portion of the wedding and in exchange for their generosity, also feel this buys them a vote in wedding planning decisions. And in some cases, an upcoming wedding may be an opportunity for your family to correct any wedding mishaps they experienced in their own wedding. The desire to impress friends, neighbors and business colleagues who will attend the wedding is yet another cause for conflict.

No matter the root of the conflict, there are practical ways to strategically approach your planning to combat conflict and yes, still enjoy your wedding planning journey.