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The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog, inspired by a love-minded lifestyle, is a destination for couples dating, engaged or married. Here, we share inspiration and insights on weddings, living life together through a lens of love, wellness and intention. The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog is authored by Lindsey Sachs, Owner and Wedding Planner for COLLECTIVE/by Sachs. To share your blog ideas or to collaborate on an upcoming post, contact Lindsey


Photo credit: Brandon Werth Photography

Photo credit: Brandon Werth Photography

By Lindsey Sachs

A matter of when, not if, our two entrepreneurial, love-crazy selves would turn our attention to building a business in the wedding industry (a dream we talked about constantly on our honeymoon!). As it turns out, the universe has a plan for my husband Chris and I at the same time the world, and our communities, need more compassionate, big-hearted, love-minded people leading companies. It’s time to do our part!

Supporting engaged couples in their journey to marriage is something we whole-heartedly stand behind. By collaborating with happy couples (or teams as we like to reference), we believe the collective energy nurtured between these teams helps us all win at life. 

It was our first Valentine’s Day 2014 when my husband Chris pre-ordered a bottle of red wine for our table. After the first glass was poured, he gave a compelling toast that has since become the theme of our own marriage.

“To the collective experiences that brought us here…”

These powerful words are the inspiration for our new love-minded business venture COLLECTIVE/by Sachs, Authentic Wedding Planning and Design.

Chris’ toast can apply to all, and when one really considers their own collective experiences, it’s easy to be grateful for what these experiences have taught you about life and love, and how they prepared you to meet your better half when time revealed your connection.

As we are each invited to share our individual gifts with the world, Chris and I's collective experiences now make so much sense. 2017 marks a milestone: a mindful change in where and why we spend our time professionally.

Valiantly dedicated to bringing people together for healthy reasons, events have been the cornerstone of our life and career. Chris and I keep a special place in our heart for seeing people accomplish their goals of all varieties and scope because with each, we come closer to realizing our full potential in life. The goal of finding true love is universal and once found, thrives in indescribable ways. Love is a pure, and vulnerable force given and received each and every day. And because a committed relationship reigns core to all goal chasings and life adventures, we’re committing our time and talents to honor the beautiful commitment and celebration of marriage.

COLLECTIVE/by Sachs teams up with couples marrying in Boulder, Denver, the front range and Rocky Mountain region of Colorado + Minneapolis, Minnesota offering wedding services that go beyond managing checklists. Our work centers on the "why" of a marriage celebration embellished with complimentary style and detail. Our services include:

  • Full Service Wedding Planning and Design / ideal for busy couples who want to express their vision and trust a professional to manage the process in order to keep focused on other life responsibilities. 
  • Month-Of Wedding Coordination / ideal for couples that have invested time laying a solid foundation for the wedding celebration, but are looking to hand off the minutia work in brining the planning to fruition and vision to life.
  • Day-Of Wedding Coordination / ideal for all couples looking for peace of mind and the gift of being truly present come wedding day! Some venues also require a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator.
  • Wedding Officiant and Custom Ceremony – ideal for couples seeking an inspiring, non-religious ceremony. Chris offers this service and is known for his charismatic, authentic presentation and speaking ability.

A leading value of COLLECTIVE/by Sachs is helping happy couples and their families infuse their authentic spirit in a wedding celebration that honors their collective experiences. By curating an inspiring wedding experience, we feel honored to help couples, and their family and friends value the people power in their life during this iconic milestone.   

As this ongoing love story continues to unfold, we are excited to work with love-minded couples and wedding industry colleagues to put our creativity, eye for style and experiential talent to work every day. Love matters and may our work and contributions inspire a life of love and continued collective experiences in the years ahead.

Photo credit: Brandon Werth Photography

Photo credit: Brandon Werth Photography

On this Valentine’s Day, we share in a toast with all love birds out there. Keep those hearts beating strong!

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If you are a newly engaged couple looking to marry in Boulder, Denver, the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado or Minneapolis, Minnesota COLLECTIVE/by Sachs would be honored to help bring your wedding vision to life. Contact us to discuss!