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Royal Wedding Hacks - 8 Ways to Blend Family Traditions with Your Modern Day Wedding

By Lindsey Sachs 

Photo by Cody Mann and Melissa Toms Photography 

Photo by Cody Mann and Melissa Toms Photography 

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enlightens and inspires people from across the globe. For many, it's a spark of curiosity, wondering how age-old royal traditions will be revered and relevant to a modern-day setting.

The blend of the old and the new is fascinating and brings us all back in time to consider the richness of our own traditions and how our past has shaped our present day. 

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe."

Born from an Old English rhyme, brides have adopted this tradition adding four objects to her wedding attire, or carrying with her as meaningful tokens of love. "A sixpence in your shoe," remains largely a British custom, with "something old" representing continuity, "something borrowed" representing happiness, and "something blue" representing purity, love and fidelity. 

In honor of the Royal Wedding, we're sharing our top 8 tips for blending your family history with your modern day wedding. Many times, a beloved family member passed before your wedding day. We also consider many ways to honor their presence in your life with these thoughtful ideas. 

1. Your Grandmother's Purse 

If your Grandma is like mine, she never went anywhere without her purse filled with red lipstick and a mirror. Borrow one of your Grandma's vintage purses to add style to your ensemble with a nod to her days on-the-go and experiences had. 

2. Your Mother's Wedding Gown   

What's old is new again! Honor your parent's longstanding marriage by restyling your mother's wedding gown to suit your modern-day style. Wear her dress for your ceremony rehearsal and dinner, or on wedding day. Read more on our blog post about how to transition your mother's gown and the many benefits! 

Photo by The Barkers

Photo by The Barkers

3. Wedding Crest or Emblem 

Your wedding is a perfect opportunity to create a family emblem or crest representing your new life together. British-inspired, your crest can be woven into the fabric of your celebration from invitations, to the ceremony program and displayed in a frame as wedding day decor. Other creative uses include the crest foil-pressed onto wedding favor bags, napkins and more. 

4. Your Grandfather's Tie 

Personally, my Grandma was my favorite person. To honor his importance in my life, I cut a heart from one of his favorite blue ties and had it sewn into the back of my wedding gown. This physical symbol reminded me that he was close and with us on our wedding day. 

5. Personalized Handkerchief

A traditional cloth once found in men's suit coats, is now a modern-day bridal must-have. Consider personalizing a hand-stitched handkerchief with your favorite prayer or poem from your childhood. Perhaps it's a family poem, or a poem or prayer your dad read to you before bed. As you wipe tears of joy from your face, you'll be immediately comforted by the words that have comforted you for years.  

6. Blessing and Warming of the Rings  

The communal nature of weddings is a bonding experience for your dearest family and friends. Leverage this rare opportunity to connect your guests during a blessing of the rings. Before you exchange rings, your Officiant can involve your guests in a warming of the rings whereby your rings are passed throughout the audience. Guests are encouraged to say a blessing as the rings pass their hands. By the time the ring reaches your hands, they are saturated with love and blessings from your friends and family. 

For those having a non-religious wedding ceremony, this allows your guests to bring their own beliefs into your ceremony in their own private way. 

Photos by Mick Schulte Photography 

Photos by Mick Schulte Photography 

Ring Warming Ceremony

7. A Toast with a Family-Favorite Spirit

Spirits carry significant weight in many families dating back to Prohibition. Enjoyed as a digestif or an aperitif, or served as a shot, or on the rocks, cultural spirits have been enjoyed over many family celebrations from holidays to weddings. Check with your wedding venue if they can special order your family favorite and coordinate a special moment within the celebration to cheers. 

Photo by Megan Newton Photography 

Photo by Megan Newton Photography 

8.  Just Dance

There's truth that dancing is a universal language. Dancing is a tradition that has stood the test of time, passed from generation to generation. With a variety of ages and music preferences to consider for your reception, you simply can't go wrong paying homage to the classics and especially those iconic family dances. Work with your Wedding Planner and DJ to orchestrate the fine details of your special dances to ensure maximum participation and of course, the ultimate in laughter and jubilation.   

Photo by Megan Newton Photography 

Photo by Megan Newton Photography 

Photo by Maddie Mae Adventure Elopements 

Photo by Maddie Mae Adventure Elopements