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By Lindsey Sachs

Brides and grooms take note! Share-Your-Photos app is your FREE + EASY solution to gather valuable candid photos from your wedding events.  

Brides and grooms take note! Share-Your-Photos app is your FREE + EASY solution to gather valuable candid photos from your wedding events.  

You’ve hired a professional wedding photographer to document the details you worked hard to curate for the big day - your fancy shoes, the vintage jeweled earrings your Grandma borrowed you, and even your head table decor shot from a variety of angles. The surprise and delight of your “first look,” your dad’s expression as he walks you down the aisle (a look of pure love mixed with “I can’t believe today is the day I give my daughter away!”), and the total raw moments of you and your spouse feeling all the emotions on your wedding day to relive forever.

With couples spending approximately 12% of their overall wedding budget on professional photography - among the top 5 vendors in the average wedding budget - the universal value of professional photos is proven to be undeniably worth it.

But, what about those cell phone snaps of you and your bridesmaids laughing over mimosas as you get ready for the day? Or the uncanny shots of the groomsmen bro-bonding in the dressing room. Or, the sweet captures of your soft tears starting to shed as you walk down the aisle, captured by a college girlfriend.

The collection of candid photos document your wedding day from the lens of your loved ones and likely moments you didn’t even know were happening. Their perspective is priceless and you’ll want to get your eyes on all of those images. Seems daunting to gather, right? For example: 100+ guests who surely snapped more than one photo, not to mention the photos they took at pre-wedding celebrations: bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and the rehearsal dinner. Oooof! That is a lot of pics, but you'd love to have them!

Most guests only post 1-2 photos to social media and even if you’re able to locate them by being tagged or by searching your custom wedding hashtag, the quality of the image is not high resolution and you’re missing out on the hundreds of other photos. Here’s a solution you’re going to love.

I was recently introduced to and have been keeping close tabs on the newly released Share-Your-Photos app by Picture Keeper designed with brides and grooms in mind. As a former long-time employee of Archiver’s - The Photo Memory store I am constantly looking for smart ways to help couples preserve and protect their most cherished memories.


Released December 15, 2016, the Share-Your-Photos app answered the question many newlyweds were asking. "How do I easily collect and store all of the candid photos from our family and guests taken on our wedding day?"

I recently asked Picture Keeper’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Aria Morgan, about the inspiration behind the app. Here's what she said:

We’re the makers of Picture Keeper, so we believe in protecting and cherishing your memories through photos. We wanted a simple, easy and FREE way to share photos with one another through a photo album that’s right on your phone! Event planning and coordinating can be a hassle on its own but trying to document the night as well is tough! You could get everyone to #hashtag their picture on social media, but then you might not be able to find it or may get a poor quality by having to take a screenshot to save on your phone. Or what about that bad angle of yourself that you don’t want posted for all to see on Facebook? Trying to remember who took what picture to send to you is a job in itself. We want to take the hassle and the stress out of trying to get all of the pictures from your event.

Unlike similar photo sharing apps, Share-Your-Photos app is FREE! In contrast, other photo sharing apps come at a cost to download or may charge you for every picture you want to save to your phone. Some are not private and don’t have customizable options to personalize select features within the app.


  • DOWNLOAD. The app is free and available in the App Store or Google Play.
    • For less savvy mobile users, there a web-based option to add photos. At, you can easily create an account, join the event, and upload, view and save photos to the event from/to your computer!

  • CREATE YOUR FIRST EVENT. Customize the name of the event (this is your Event ID), date and location and add a unique cover photo to share with guests. You’ll also have the option of making the event Public (anyone with access to your Event ID) or Private (requires an Event ID and pin to upload photos).

    • Hint: Try using your wedding hashtag as the event name to make it easy for your guests to remember.

  • INVITE GUESTS. Easily invite guests to join your event with an SMS message or email that can be personalized.

    • Hint: Consider these creative ways to encourage your guests to download the app and join your event. Share your Event ID on your save-the-date cards and invitations, wedding website, or design a catchy social media graphic to share with your guests on social media, in a private message, or closed Facebook group.

  • START SHARING! Here’s where the fun begins. With unlimited storage, you’ll enjoy seeing your collection build as guests share their candid photos.

  • DOWNLOAD OR PRINT. While the app allows for unlimited storage, you can easily download all images to your phone, cloud based storage or, to a Picture Keeper Connect. To print favorites direct from your phone, choose from the following nifty outputs:

    • Square prints: mini squares, retro style, mini retro

    • Snap and tough phone cases

    • Photo books (in a variety of sizes)

    • Stickers, tote bags, postcards, magnet frames, greeting cards, posters, frames, cushions, t-shirts and invitations!

Getting photos off your phone and into “real life” as I like to say, is well worth your time. Plus, consider using these curated images to create thank you gifts for your family, bridal party or favorite wedding vendors. And, well beyond the wedding you can revisit your album for images to create gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and more!  

To learn more about personalizing your prints, find inspiration here.

BONUS: For any bride who uses the app for their wedding, you’ll earn a FREE HARD COVER PHOTO ALBUM valued at $38.99! Choose from a high end large format square (30”x30”) or horizontal (32.1”x27”) album with full bleed images best suited to camera roll photographs at high resolution. Includes 20 images. Learn more here. Limited time offer.

As the images of our daily life evolve as narratives across social media, blogs and more, I continue to be an avid promoter of preserving our memories digitally and on paper. The Share-Your-Photos app offers a turnkey solution for curating images from a variety of sources. While Share-Your-Photos is the helpful solution on your wedding day, it surely doesn’t stop there. Continue to build your life events documenting more personalized albums; Grandma's 90th birthday, your son’s college graduation, 20-year class reunion, birthday parties, award banquets and more. Each of your life events deserve to be remembered and shared throughout your happily ever after.          
Share Your Photos app is the first national event app sponsor for all Big Fake Wedding Events in 2017. Find them at one of 25 bridal shows nationwide.

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