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Six Signs That a Wedding Vendor Is Making Promises They Can't Deliver On

By Lindsey Sachs

Venue. Catering. Decor. Cake. Attire. Invitations. Officiant. Hair. Makeup. DJ. Band. Favors. Accommodations. Transportation. Rentals. OH MY!

We hear it often from our COLLECTIVE/Couples. There are so many vendors to choose from, where do I start and how do I know I’m making the right decision? Before signing your next contract, read these “Six Signs That a Wedding Vendor is Making Promises They Can’t Deliver On,” our latest collaboration with Martha Stewart Weddings by Jenn Sinrich.

Photo by Larsen Photo Co.

Photo by Larsen Photo Co.

Choosing reliable weddings vendors is at the top of our priority list when working with couples. We believe each wedding vendor is cast to fill a specific role on your wedding day team and should be counted on to give their absolute best in bringing your authentic wedding vision to life. While it can be overwhelming to sort through the variety of vendor options in each category (DJ, florist, hair and makeup artist, bakers, etc.) spending the time to research and interview your vendors will ensure greater peace of mind when you make your final vendor decisions.   

An important first step in working with our couples is curating a list of likeminded vendors who align with your vision, personality, and budget. There is no one-size-fits-all vendor list in our book. We custom curate our list of recommendations and don’t accept any kick-backs for our referrals. We’re sincere about our desire to match you with your dream team! Because we work with and connect with vendors across CO on a daily basis, we can offer personal recommendations to save you time and worry.

Whether you are working with a professional Wedding Planner, or taking on vendor research by yourself, you’ll have greater confidence that your wedding day will be enjoyed without extra anxiety by choosing reliable vendors. By doing your research and reading vendor reviews closely, you can gain a good sense for a vendor’s quality and reliability. For more budget-conscious couples, vendor selection can come down to price. Be cautious about making your decision solely on price, because quality of service, and reliability may be compromised.