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10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding

Weddings are a rare and precious life milestone and as a result, come with a great deal of anticipation, self-perceived pressure, and extra work.

Planning a wedding should be a fun and meaningful experience, yet stress is inevitable. After your engagement, you'll face financial decisions when determining your wedding budget and may discover a gap between your ideal vision and what your budget allows.

Planning a wedding in parallel to busy jobs, school and daily life adds an extra layer of stress, making you wonder how you'll accomplish everything while trying to enjoy the process plus show up on wedding day rested and ready to approach your wedding day mindfully. Is this sounding familliar? 

Photo by Brandon Werth

Photo by Brandon Werth

Because most couples are planning a wedding for the first time, there are so many unknowns and questions as to where to start. Once the reality of planning sets in, this is also where stress starts to rise. Our goal as a Wedding Planner is to shoulder that stress for you, focus on designing a wedding that is truly authentic to you, and take the lead role in guiding the process and next steps. 

We're rooting for you and certainly don't want stress to stand in the way of the wedding day you're investing in and working so hard to plan.
Photo by Brandon Werth

Photo by Brandon Werth

We caught up with Jenn Sinrich for BRIDES to discuss "10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding." If you currently relate to any of these signs, consider the experts advice to course correct while you still can.   

Read on for four additional common signs you might be stressed.    

#1. Inability to Make Decisions

When you find yourself avoiding making decisions about the wedding, it’s likely a sign that wedding planning has become paralyzing and so overwhelming that you’re not able to articulate your vision and make decisions based on that vision. This is when you should stop and write down the decisions that are in front of you so you can see them written out visually. Next, prioritize the decisions that need to be made with due dates attached and begin at the top and work your way down the list.

#2. You’re Not Sleeping Well

Thoughts about your wedding including concerns, ideas, and what-if’s are keeping you awake at night. This is a sign you need a break! Give yourself permission to take a week off of wedding planning. Focus on other things in life that bring you joy. Check back in a week and determine if your feeling recharged to approach planning with a new and positive mindset!

#3. Bridezilla Has Appeared

You’re on edge each time the topic of your wedding comes up. You snap in an instant, pass quick judgment on all ideas and can’t seem to relax. You’re likely not giving yourself any breathing room to enjoy other activities. Boost those positive endorphins by heading to your favorite workout class, go for a run, or take a bath. Recenter your focus on why you’re getting married and remember the bigger picture.

#4. You’ve Set Unrealistic Expectations

Whether you feel pressure from outside sources, or are putting extra pressure on yourself, it’s likely you’re setting unrealistic expectations for the planning process and also, unrealistic expectations for the wedding. Over-committing to wedding planning prep, and not creating realistic deadlines will spiral your planning out of control quickly. And if the end game you’re envisioning is simply beyond your means, find a way to dial back and reset to an expectation you can achieve.

Feeling like you don't want to take on this challenge alone? COLLECTIVE/by Sachs would be honored to connect over a free one-hour consultation to offer advice. Contact us today to schedule time to chat about your wedding plans.