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The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog highlights wedding inspiration and ideas for living a love-minded and connected lifestyle as a couple. 


The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog, inspired by a love-minded lifestyle, is a destination for couples dating, engaged or married. Here, we share inspiration and insights on weddings, living life together through a lens of love, wellness and intention. The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog is authored by Lindsey Sachs, Owner and Wedding Planner for COLLECTIVE/by Sachs. To share your blog ideas or to collaborate on an upcoming post, contact Lindsey

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Why LOVE is Good Business

“Considering love in the context of business helps to make companies human, authentic, relatable and better yet, more than a transaction,” Sachs said. “As professionals and consumers, we all understand the overwhelming feeling love plays in our emotions and decisions. A company that infuses love is more likely to stand out.”

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