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3 Things Bridesmaids Should Help With..And Three Things They Shouldn't

By Lindsey Sachs

When saying “yes” to being a bridesmaid, you’re committing to being part of the bride’s army of supporters to help her celebrate her engagement and wedding to the fullest. Being a bridesmaid comes with a traditionally defined set of expectations including active involvement, time, and money. While the bride focuses on wedding day details, bridesmaids take on the work of planning, designing and hosting the bridal shower and bachelorette parties, managing tasks assigned by the bride, and being her emotional rock when she needs to talk.

So where do brides draw the line in leaning on their bridesmaids for help? We teamed up with Jenn Sinrich for Wedding Wire to discuss "3 Things Bridesmaids Should Help With...And Three Things They Shouldn't." 

An important consideration to keep in mind as you're looking to lean in for help, remember that your girlfriends are already making a commitment in being a bridesmaid. Be considerate of their available time and be willing to be flexible along the way. The end result will be a better experience for all!   

Photo by Bellagala Photography 

Photo by Bellagala Photography