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WEEK 1 / Workout Wednesdays #teamsachstough

 One bonus to getting up early together is enjoying the sunrises from our deck in Nederland, Colorado.

One bonus to getting up early together is enjoying the sunrises from our deck in Nederland, Colorado.

By Lindsey Sachs

Chris and I are so fond of building new traditions together as a way of staying closely connected in our daily life. One of our favorite traditions, was Friday night dates at the gym where we would sweat it out on the elliptical machine side by side and chat about the week. Since moving to the mountains, owe've focused on building out our home gym and were looking to refresh this tradition.

This week, we introduced a new tradition to the #TeamSachs household and invite other couples to try this out and see how it works! Living a healthy lifestyle is core to our wellbeing and something we always make time for (the happy endorphins are so rewarding!). Chris and I have similar athletic pursuits, however, we aren't always able to train together because our sports require a different kind of training. Chris loves triathlon, road biking, mountain biking and nordic skiing, whereas I'm into trail running. 

One thing essential to both of our training is strength and injury prevention. Every week, our plan is to focus on 30-minutes of proper strength exercises in our loft. Our four-legged Germain Short-Haired Pointer Toby comes too. :-) We bookmarked this weekly date with a calendar invite we affectionately named "Workout Wednesdays #teamsachstough."

We'll be sharing our weekly workouts for those interested. We challenge you to give it a try and modify as needed based on the equipment you have at home. Here's to happy hearts AND happy bodies! Enjoy! 

Week 1 / 30 Minutes

Set #1 / Rotate for 3 Sets

  • 5 squats / hands crossed in front and touching your shoulders
  • 25 push-ups / modify total as needed

Set #2 / Rotate for 3 Sets

  • Bosu ball sit-ups until exhaustion / place hips low on the Bosu ball and crunch, gently lifting your hips with each sit-up
  • Single arm curls with weight (I used 10 pounds, Chris used 20 pounds)

Set #3 / Rotate for 3 Sets

  • Side plank lifts / 10 per side
  • Lateral band walk with resistance band / 10 per side