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Nederland, Colorado Wedding Planner

By Lindsey Sachs

After an early week of SNOW, clouds and fog in high country of Nederland, Colorado, the sunrise and clear sky that began to melt the snow made for an inspiring way to start the morning.

Our focus today was on increasing fitness and intensity with minimal rest and pushing to exurtion. 

Week 3 / One Hour

Boulder Wedding Officiant

Warm-Up / 30 Minutes of Cardio

  • Lindsey: 30-minutes of speed walking at 8% incline. 
  • Chris: 30-minutes on the bike trainer. 

Set #1 / Rotate for 3 Sets

  • 15 weighted squats, rest 5 seconds, 5 more immediately following  
  • Squat with full extension overhead holding weight in hands
    • Lindsey: 20 pounds
    • Chris: 25 pounds
  • 25 calf raises on the edge of a stair, rest 5 seconds, additional calf raises until you feel the burn 

Set #2 / Rotate for 3 Sets

  • Pistol squats from a bench, squat until exhaustion, wait 5 seconds, additional squats until exhaustion
  • Rotate legs and repeat

Set #3 / Rotate for 3 Sets

  • Push-ups until exhaustion, rest 5 seconds, additional push-ups immediately following until exhaustion
  • Sit-ups with pulling knees into your chest until exhaustion, rest 5 seconds, additional sit-ups immediately following until exhaustion

Set #4 / Rotate for 3 Sets 

  • Seated single arm curl rows until exhaustion, rest 5 seconds, continue until exhaustion
  • Switch arms  

Set #5 / Rotate for 3 Sets 

  • Bodyweight tricep dips until exhaustion, rest 5 seconds, continue until exhaustion  

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