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Dare to Dream!
Boulder Wedding Planner

By Lindsey Sachs

This week, I designed the #TEAMSACHSTOUGH workout to focus on injury prevention, and a variety of dynamic exercises that get the heartbeat on fire! Through my trail running training, I quickly realized how important it is to take time to focus on injury prevention in addition to general strength training. Even better, we're leveraging a few basic pieces of equipment from our home gym and our own body weight making it a stress-free, no-excuses allowed means to get a good workout in. Enjoy today's session with your partner in crime and adapt as need to your fitness level. Safety and proper form are essential!  

Week 4 / 40 Minutes

Warm-Up / Focus on Hip Strength

  • Lateral squat - 12x each side
  • Walking forward lunges with diagonal reach - moving down and back across length of room with one arm touching the ground and the other fully extended up and gently back  
  • Glute bridge - 20x 

Set #1 / Rotate for 3 Sets 

  • Partner exercise / back-to-back low squat with rotational pass - 10x each direction
    • Use medicine ball to pass between you and your partner 
  • Push-ups with one-arm row - 15x 
    • Lindsey: 10 pound weight
    • Chris: 20 pound weight 
  • Partner exercise / sit-up pass -  15x 
    • Place two mats in a row. Sit-up position with feet nearly touching one another.  
    • Pass a medicine ball to your partner at the top of the sit up. Full extension with arms overhead.  

Set #2 / Rotate for 3 Sets

Boulder Wedding Planner
  • Partner exercise / partner #1 - plank, partner #2 - dynamic jumps over your partners legs OR jump side to side over a medicine ball - 60 seconds
  • Mountain climbers - 60 seconds 
  • Weighted squat in horse pose - 15x 
    • Lindsey: 10 pounts
    • Chris: 20 pounds  

"Cool Down" 

  • Side plank with weighted pull through - 60 seconds each side 

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