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The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog highlights wedding inspiration and ideas for living a love-minded and connected lifestyle as a couple. 


The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog, inspired by a love-minded lifestyle, is a destination for couples dating, engaged or married. Here, we share inspiration and insights on weddings, living life together through a lens of love, wellness and intention. The COLLECTIVE/Couples Blog is authored by Lindsey Sachs, Owner and Wedding Planner for COLLECTIVE/by Sachs. To share your blog ideas or to collaborate on an upcoming post, contact Lindsey

10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding

It happens to the best of us brides-to-be: We do everything we can to ensure that the big day goes perfectly and then, seemingly all of a sudden, we turn into a giant ball of stress ready to crush anything—or anyone—in our path. Hey, no one said planning a wedding was easy, they just said it would be worth it when you finally walk down the aisle into the arms of the love of your life.

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What to Do If You (or One of Your Wedding VIPs) Are Sick the Week of the Wedding

While we can pray to the health Gods to keep wedding week sickness away, there's a chance that won't do the trick (darn!). As a Wedding Planner who always looks in the bright side, read on for ways to be proactive this wedding season to stay healthy + tips to manage wedding week sickness yourself, or as a wedding day VIP. 

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Advancing Equity for Girls and Women With AAUW Boulder

As a female entrepreneur, I've personally benefitted early in my career by the guidance and valuable lessons in finding confidence and gumption to pursue personal and professional goals. Today, I make time outside of our business to give back to help other girls and women through AAUW Boulder. As the Daily Camera quotes, "Pay inequity has met its match - AAUW Boulder workshops train women to negotiate salaries, achieve equal pay." Read more to see what we're up to! 

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All About Jennifer Morgan Photography

We take great pride in connecting our COLLECTIVE/Couples with wedding vendors who authentically connect with their wedding vision, style and personality. For the fun and adventurous couple seeking a photojournalism/high fashion photography style, learn more about Nederland, Colorado based, Jennifer Morgan Photography. 

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6 Things You Should Do Right After After He Proposes

What would your future self say after the wedding? With many couples planning a wedding for the first time, it’s easy to get consumed in transactional checklists, rather than stepping back to mindfully celebrate the special moments along the way starting with your engagement! Read on to find 6 Things You Should Do Right After He Proposes, published online at Martha Stewart Weddings, by Jenn Sinrich.

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Why LOVE is Good Business

“Considering love in the context of business helps to make companies human, authentic, relatable and better yet, more than a transaction,” Sachs said. “As professionals and consumers, we all understand the overwhelming feeling love plays in our emotions and decisions. A company that infuses love is more likely to stand out.”

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Confessions from a groom: his take on hiring a professional Wedding Planner, aka their WEDDING DAY "MVP."

A professional Wedding Planner is likely to become a trusted confidant and your wedding day's Most Valuable Player and MVP. They’re not only a trained sounding board offering empathy and sound advice, they’re at the center of the action, coordinating with the venue, each vendor, and your family too. Wedding Planners manage behind the scenes so you can spend more time on things that truly matter. If they weren’t there, take a moment to imagine the distractions you may face...not ideal right?  

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